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Build your Tribe.  Focus your Strategy.  Survive.


Skill-Based Gameplay

There is no deck of cards to draw from—all of your cards start either in play or in your hand.  Further, any time there is a random element, like a dice roll, there are built-in mechanisms available to you to push the odds in your favor.

World-Class Artwork

All of the artwork used in Squarriors The Card Game - Spring is pulled exclusively from the pages of the first four issues of the Squarriors comic book, beautifully illustrated by Ashley Witter.  Future editions will do the same.

Narrative-Driven Content

Because every part of Squarriors The Card game is based on the characters, locations, and (most importantly) the story of the Squarriors comic book, you can be sure that the qualitative and aesthetic properties of STCG won't drastically change an expansion or two in the future.

Dual-Purpose Cards

In most card games, cards are discarded as soon as they are used for their primary purpose.  Not so in Squarriors The Card Game.  Here, every card has a secondary purpose after its primary purpose has been used adding unprecedented depth to the gameplay.

Abundant Tactical Options

Each turn, you have not one but four different ways to attack or challenge your opponent(s):  Dominance, Leadership, Stealth, and Manipulation.  Each of these methods have their own offensive benefits and are defended against in different ways.

No Artificial Scarcity

Squarriors The Card Game - Spring (and all STCG products in the future) will be sold as complete card sets.  No booster packs, no chase cards, and no arbitrary card rarity.  Squarriors The Card Game is about playing the game, not chasing the cards.