Strategy: Grumpy Cat

Welcome back to the next article designed to introduce stylized strategies, tips n’ tricks, and fun combo’s to play in a game of Squarriors! This week’s edition we are looking at Abby!  This will be a complete setup build. (Did you know, in one of the Beta versions, Abby removed all -1 Will counters from her at the beginning of each turn? Back in those days you had to get enough -1 Will counters on a creature to fully manipulate it.) In the finalized original release of Abby, we have her marked as a powerhouse, keeping her at a Tribe cost of 5. Her other stats are fairly attractive with 3 Might, 2 Will, and 7 Blood, Abby can take and give quite a bit of punishment.

Let’s take a look at Abby’s first game text, “2P: Ready Abby.” This ability alone gives Abby great use in every Domain. If you maintain your power well, Abby will always be ready after moving to another Domain, for every Leadership challenge, making additional Manipulation and/or Stealth attacks, etc. This can be a very powerful ability throughout the course of a game if you plan effectively. Abby’s second game text, “If any strategy chain you control has 2 or more manipulation tactics, Abby has +2 Might.” This game text requires an enabling mechanic to make active, whether you add 2 Manipulation tactics or Manipulation type creatures to a single strategy chain, or a combination of the two. Once enabled, Abby becomes a 5 Might, 2 Will, 7 Blood super cat!

For our Domains I selected Code of Blood: Leadership, Stronghold: Amoni Stronghold, and Land: Canopy of Trees. The Code gives us an extension of our hand of tactics to 11 cards, instead of 10. The Amoni Stronghold provides great utility throughout the game. We can sacrifice a creature from our Army to heal creatures in our Army. If that creature also happens to be an Amoni, we gain 1 Power as an extra bonus. (TIP: Recruits cost 3 power and Abby’s ability costs 2 power. Be careful not to strip your Army too far to save a few.) The Canopy of Trees lets us have some protection against opponent’s Marks. This may not come up too much in the game and is only filler for this strategy.


Now the tactic cards selected are just one of the many ways to take advantage of pushing Abby to the limit. (Adaptation x 3, Forward Sentry, No Mercy x 2, Overrun, Stalkers, Subterfuge x 2, Time to Die). Adaptation we can give +1 Might and -1 Provision to any creature, running three of them, I would intend on putting them on Abby, or spread them around. You have the option to kick all 3 to a strategy chain and gain an extra power per turn as well. Forward Sentry will perform a lot of work for you. Each time you play a Dominance or Leadership tactic, you place a +1 Might counter on the marked creature. Since all but two tactics are Leadership or Dominance, we can see a lot of benefit from this tactic.


No Mercy prevents your opponent from fleeing creatures for the rest of the turn. This is here to help setup a massive attack to completely clear out an opponents domain. Since we are packing two in our hand, we can triple down on the benefits. In a strategy chain we can meet the three Dominance requirement to give Amoni another +1 Might for each No Mercy in that chain; additionally, No Mercy is a Dominance tactic which triggers Forward Sentry. Overrun grants another +1 Might to all creatures at the targetted Domain for the turn and later may reduce your Dominance tactic costs by 1 Power.

Stalkers may seem an odd inclusion, but it is here for very specific reasons. The strategy text is negligible for this particular strategy; however, allowing Abby to Stealth attack from the Army or Council is very powerful. When the Domain strengths are dwindling, Abby can quickly knock them out with Stalkers. Our enabler in this strategy for Abby is Subterfuge! Not only is Subterfuge a versatile tactic for removing pesky tactics in your opponents strategy chains, but you could also copy something in their chain(s) as well. (TIP: Unless there is a wildly better benefit to copy your opponents card, or you are working an alternative strategy that developed midgame, it would be best to leave it as itself enabling Abby.) Time To Die is a show stopper! It works well with Forward Sentry, grants Amoni creatures with Swiftness and Fervor--AND for each creature added to the chain after it, Amoni creatures at in your Vanguard and Army get +1 Might.

Since Abby only takes up 5 of the alotted 20 point creature allocation, there is plenty of room to fill in what you need to push this further. This build is a good match for the previous article with Rustle, and both have points they could adjust to dramatically change strategy during the game too! We’d love to hear on our Reddit what your thoughts are and what you would change or add to this strategy, till next time!

Johnathan Neuls