Strategy: The A-Team

Welcome back everyone! In the previous articles, I touched upon single creatures and specific ways to support them, giving room to pick supporting creatures to your liking. Today I want to talk about the Alpha’s of the three primary tribes in Squarriors: Redcoat, Ra, and King. In the comic they rule separate tribes and may never be seen together unless fighting, but you can have all three in your tribe! Take a good look at each of them and what they can bring to the table both separately, and together.

There are plenty of enhancements going on here and together they consume 16 points of your creature allocation, not allowing much for additional creature choices. The first notable text that is the same on all three is that Recruits you control are [tribe] in addition to their other types. Now recruits, albeit basic or promoted, are still considered recruits. The second notable text they all share in common is Other [tribe] you control here are +1[stat]. A single recruit will be all three tribe types having +1 Might, +1 Will, and +1 Blood. That’s a beefy recruit for 3 power! Looking at their ability texts, there is great synergy between these three unlikely amigos. Redcoat reduces the cost of the first dominance or leadership tactic you play each turn. King lets you play leadership tactics costing 3 or less power for free, also bypassing timing restrictions of the tactic as well! Ra is able to bring dominance cards back to your hand with a cost of 3 or less.

Adding Cheeks and Cadence, I’m going to take up the last 4 points of creature allocation. For those of you who have followed along thus far, probably realize some tricks you are already thinking of taking advantage of. But, It’s about to get fun! For our domains, we are going to have fun with Code of Blood: Leadership, Stronghold: Tin Kin Compound, and Land: Canopy of Trees. Now you are probably thinking, I could have a high Morale  easily with this setup, why would I want to discard my precious tactics, why do I need to have an additional card to start with, why would I care about my opponents marking my Vanguard creatures? Because we want our opponents to be doing those things! Confused? Let’s take a look at how I’ve loaded our hand of tactics to be.


Dynamic Duo

Cheeks will pump out beastly recruits for The A-Team and Cadence will help keep them around a lot longer.


What a workhorse!

Your opponent didn't need those cards anyway.

In this particular strategy, I am playing Full Infiltration, Less Predictable (x3), Never Come Back (x2), No Mercy, Overrun, Intimidate, and Rally (x2). There are a few tricks we can play here with our creature’s abilities and these somewhat obscure selections. With Full Infiltration, the white banner won’t give us much benefit, but put it into our Council’s strategy chain to get some work out of it. Less Predictable will be a workhorse tactic for us. In the first turn you can pitch both Never Come Back and a Rally to increase your Morale and/or ready up to two Tin Kin at your Stronghold. Use the three Less Predictable to get them back in hand, adding them to the Council strategy chain and make your opponent discard three cards for three power via Full Infiltration’s strategy text. You could also cycle through discarding Never Come Back, using Less Predictable strategy text to swap out for a Rally in your hand and getting Never Come Back, back to your hand and another Manipulation tactic added to the strategy chain for another discard chance… while increasing your Morale and/or readying up to two Tin Kin creatures. After playing the Never Come Back’s you will have had the chance to decrease your opponents hand size by 7 cards.


Rally is in the hand to help win those early Leadership challenges, King can play them for free as an instant assuring you an unforeseen victory. The other cards in our hand, No Mercy, Overrun and Intimidate are there to provide an easy path to victory. With our opponent now relying on creating recruits, we can use these to lock down creatures with Intimidate and No Mercy (which Ra can help you recur) we’ll give our recruits a final might bonus once we have our second developed strategy chain at the Stronghold.


   This strategy is very fun to play with and again has several things that could be tweaked to overhaul its approach and total strategy. That being said, there are two vital flaws in this strategy being extremely predictable after playing it once—and strategy removal cards and/or counters easily thwart it. We have found through countless hours of developing and testing, as we come across “powerhouse” strategies like this, we have just as easily figured a way to defeat it. Remember this is a game of adaptive planning after all!


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Matthew Reynolds