Lady Death: Last Stand Takes the Next Step!

The sexy antihero Lady Death has been many things over the years. She’s been evil eye candy, a virtuous peasant turned servant of Hell, and the ruler of Hell itself. And now, in her latest incarnation, her malice and beauty will be brought to life in the form of a tabletop game.

When bringing someone else’s creation into a new creative arena, it’s important that the new incarnation fulfill the spirit of the original idea. Lady Death’s tabletop game will feature beautifully designed and produced playing cards, and the artists have released the image that will grace the back of each card.

Perhaps this artwork symbolizes the duality of Lady Death’s character: the mortal girl trapped by her father’s machinations vs the vengeful Queen of Hell. What future do the cards hold for Lady Death?

—Dawn Napier


On Earth…

As it is in Hell.

Dawn Napier